How Do We Thank Thee...

It's another thankful Thursday, but today is a very special day! Today is Earth Day and we're so grateful for our beautiful world and the blessings it gives to us all. Be sure to visit our Earth Day post that went live earlier today and share a comment with everyone about how you're doing your part to conserve our planet's natural resources.

Here at Weddings Unveiled and Completely Unveiled, Thursdays are always a day of thanksgiving and in addition to showing our gratitude for the world we live in, we'd also like to take a moment to show our appreciation to all our amazing friends, fellow wedding professionals, fans, followers and subscribers. We'd also like to thank everyone who wrote about Weddings Unveiled during the past couple of weeks. You'll find a sampling below of some of the posts we've been featured in recently, including our Creative Director, Brooke Thomas' interview with the lovely ladies of Eventology. Check out Brooke's interview, along with the posts from all these fantastic, inspiring blogs and leave a comment to share the love!


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