Winner of the Bonzie Giveaway!

And the winner of the Venetian Ruffled Shoulder Wrap from Bonzie is... liz who wrote the following comment:

"I'm getting married this November and chose a dress that modestly fit my dad's budget - my parents are retired and have come to hard financial times, as so many have. Though I found a beautiful Vera gown, I just couldn't bring myself to spend their money on it, so found a sample dress for under $1,000. I've just been torn with the fact that it's just not quite THE dress, it needs something. I considered a sash, some alterations, etc....then I saw these. I have to admit I tried a little photoshop work to see what it would look like with my dress and for the first time, I am really, really excited about my dress. I think this would make the look- I can finally see it coming together now! I think I would get the Victorian Inspired Silk Bolero with Corsage Trio. I love these and think it may be fate that you featured them now! Thank you!"

Congratulations liz and thank you so much for sharing your comment!

Send us an email to and we'll hook you up with Bonzie designers, Bonzie and Ger to choose your color and get your handmade Venetian Ruffled Shoulder Wrap!


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