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Dedicated to celebrating a seamless combination of vintage and modern, the Classic Bride blog is filled with stylish inspiration. Sarah Darcy, creator and editor of Classic Bride, started the blog as a way of gathering inspiration for her own wedding back in 2007. Now happily married, Sarah continues to share her ideas with her readers, followers and fans. We especially love her regular post, Monday Vintage finds. Read on to learn more about Sarah, the talented lady behind the Classic Bride blog and stop by tomorrow to see how she styled her very own soiree. We'll post a feature of her lovely Southern wedding and share all the inspiring details!

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Weddings Unveiled: Tell us a bit about Classic Bride.

Sarah Darcy: Polished but never fussy, Classic Bride is a daily wedding blog devoted to celebrating a seamless combination of vintage and modern details.

WU: How did you decide to start a blog? How did Classic Bride develop?

SD: I started Classic Bride in 2007 during the beginning stages of my own wedding planning. Through blogging, I was able to refine my vision and ultimately style a wedding that truly reflected my {and my husband's} unique personal style. After our wedding, I was able to devote more time and attention to blogging and I also started two small side businesses, SD Calligraphy and CB Vintage, which I share about regularly on Classic Bride as they are both firmly rooted in the wedding world.

WU: Describe your average work day.

SD: Because I work from home, I have the luxury of setting my own schedule which means my work days are never quite the same.

Often, I'll schedule posts ahead of time so I can take extended vacations - I love spending time in New Orleans with my husband, seeing family and friends or going on antiquing road trips with my Mom to scout out treasures for both our homes and for my side business, CB Vintage. The freedom to plan such getaways is my absolute favorite perk of working from home.

That said, it's not all play and no work. Many days I will be in front of my laptop for 9-12 hours a day replying to e-mails, scouring the Web for inspiration, working on upcoming posts, collaborating with vendors on contests and giveaways, speaking with advertisers and keeping in touch with fellow bloggers. I also try to check in regularly on my CB Twitter and Facebook accounts to create an open, friendly dialogue with my readers. Somehow I fit grocery shopping and making dinner into the day, too...okay...well, most days! It can be a little crazy sometimes but I dearly love my job and feel incredibly blessed to be able to do what I love every single day.

WU: How do you keep Classic Bride's content fresh for your readers?

SD: It can be challenging to always deliver fresh content but I try to read blogs that highlight my different genres...interior design, antiquing, fashion and cooking blogs are some of my favorite to keep tabs on and when I'm reading these blogs, I'm always in 'wedding mode.' If I see something that I think would be a fantastic touch in a wedding, I'll save it and blog about it. By doing this, it's a pretty safe bet that the idea and photos haven't been circulating among wedding blogs {yet!}.

Another great way that I ensure original content is to keep things personal...I'll often blog about a vintage prop or accessory for sale in my shop and give further tips on how to incorporate such an item in a wedding or event - it's a series I call 'Monday Vintage Finds.'

WU: Describe your style.

SD: Clean, crisp and timeless.

WU: What inspires you?

SD: Traveling would have to top my list...I love experiencing new countries, new cities, new architecture, new artforms, new foods and's an intoxicating, wonderful experience.

Everyday things in life inspire me, too...trees, clouds, street signs, fashion, architecture, fonts, show windows...I like to find beauty in things that most people overlook or take for granted.

A random afternoon of antiquing is also incredibly inspiring to me...I love browsing through carefully salvaged relics of the past and imagining their history...there is something so romantic and intriguing about it to me.

WU: What do you look for in a real wedding feature?

SD: I always look for unique and original details that mesh seamlessly with interesting, one-of-a-kind venues. I love featuring venues that represent a certain area or region and I have a soft spot for intimate at-home weddings.

WU: What was your favorite real wedding feature and why?

SD: I truly adored Vanessa and Timothy's Central Park Boat House Wedding. The venue was just a incredibly classic and layered in history. Vanessa's Oscar de la Renta dress was also stunning...the ruffles mirrored her vibrantly-colored cascading bouquet perfectly. Everything about this wedding came across as glamorous but down-to-Earth as the same time...a hard thing to pull off, but done flawlessly here.

I also loved the photos of the grandparents dancing and the musicians was a true and beautiful celebration of life and you could see that shine through in the photos. Absolutely lovely.
WU: What are the most important elements for a great wedding design?

SD: Unfortunately, I think simplicity is often forgotten. If you're able to find a beautiful venue that can stand on its own and then decorate with simple floral arrangements within a simple color palette, the results can often be quite striking.

WU: Tell us three things you can't live without.

SD: A laptop with wireless internet, coffee, and pearls. {And of course my dear hubby!}

WU: Whate are some of your favorite online shopping and resource sites for brides?

SD: I like to recommend small businesses because I feel you're more apt to come across unique finds for your wedding that way. Here's a few of my faves:

Etsy: Great sources to find all sorts of handmade items that are special and unique. I also love that you're supporting the growth of small businesses by purchasing from these talented souls.

CB Vintage: This is my shop so I obviously that it's a great resource for brides...I'm always stocking it with new vintage finds, from unique birdcage veils to costume jewelry to picnic baskets for e-shoots...It's brimming with fun finds!

Betsywhite Stationery: Gia Graham is the genius behind this Atlanta-based studio and I am constantly wowed by the gorgeous invitation designs she comes up with! Her style really shines through in her work and I love following her blog, too!

I'm also really excited to see the wedding line Anthropologie is planning to debut!

WU: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

SD: I remember a high school teacher told us to find our passion in life and then make that passion our everyday work. Wonderful words to live by and I'm happy and proud to say that I do.

WU: What is the best advice you can give to an engaged couple?

SD: Relax! I know wedding planning is stressful {I've been there, too!} but don't lose sight of the reason for all the planning and appointments and's all so you can ultimately be married to the person you love - that's it and nothing more.

If it rains on your wedding day or your cake isn't quite how you imagined, let it go. Savor the day and enjoy the fact that no matter what happens, this is the first wonderful day of being husband and wife.

WU: Tell us about some of the biggest moments in your career.

SD: I think one of the most exciting moments of my career was being featured as one of the "Top Ten Bridal Blogs" in the January 2010 issue of BRIDES magazine. I also must mention the daily feedback I receive from readers...It's so incredibly rewarding and inspiring to hear from my sweet readers.

WU: What does the future hold for you and Classic Bride? Are you working on any upcoming projects?

SD: My husband and I are currently getting ready for a big move to Europe in July! We'll be moving to a small town outside of Trier, Germany, for several years, and I'm looking forward to how the move will impact Classic Bride. I can't wait to team up with some European wedding vendors and I'm hoping to collaborate with a few photographers and style some inspiring photoshoots in some of my favorite European stay tuned!

imageboards created by Classic Bride for "French Week" series.


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