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The chemise or shift is actually a relaxed version of the sheath. It falls in a straight line usually cut on the grain of the fabric. The exception was Madeline Vionet's chemise that was pioneered on the bias cut around 1925. The waistline if any is loosely fitted and fits low on the hips a la 1920s style. Two periods of the twentieth century are known for chemise dressing: the 1920s and 60s. Mod London looks incorporated mini versions of chemise more commonly known as the shift. The first super model Twiggy wore shift dresses in ads for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. She worked with designer, Mary Quant as both were and still are synonymous for breaking ground with the Mod look of the swinging 1960s..
Twiggy's claim to fame was her long, lean body lines that played up this simple silhouette to its best advantage. A perfect choice for a wedding dress, the chemise or shift can be long or short
and offers an ideal background for ornamental touches such as embroidery and intricate beadwork. Below are some stunning updated versions.




Amy-Jo Tatum


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