Antoinette Catenacci

Aka goddess dressing, Celtic traditions play out in fashion. The ancient spirituality that has a close connection with nature and the life cycle can be seen in a certain style clothing. A cross between Medieval and the gowns you find in Maxfield Parish paintings, two designers come to mind when I think of Celtic inspired: Antoinette Catenacci and aspects of Martin McCrea's work. Canadian designer Catenacci has an entire section devoted to Celtic tradition on her lovely site.
Martin McCrea
Antoinette Catenacci

Antoinette Catenacci

Antoinette Catenacci

Antoinette Catenacci

Below are a few special Celtic touches you can incorporate into your gown to give it that real goddess feel . . .

*Angel sleeves that are tight to the elbow then flare. Any flowing sleeve, mostly long.

*Long dangling Celtic cross or chain worn as a belt.

*Goddess-like or asymmetrical draping.
*Robe silhouettes

*Research symbolism and have gold and/or green embroidery done somewhere on the gown. The Catenacci gown (#4) down is a good example.


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