Engagement Session ~ Adam & Lauren

Real Wedding posts are created to inspire amazing ideas and creativity for your own wedding. Ways to set off colors and use things in ways you may not have thought of yet. That is why we love posting them. But occasionally, and more often in the coming months, we want to post Engagement Sessions that inspire us just as much. Whether it's because it's exceptionally creative, or because it's so steamy it makes us blush or because sometimes the story behind the images is just as important as the photos - we want to share them with our readers.

Recently, Ryan and Kelly from Kellan Studios shared with us this engagement/anniversary session for Adam and Lauren; make that Adam Barnes and his wife Lauren Barnes. As I am sure you are aware, if you follow this blog, Adam Barnes is the amazing talent behind Adam Barnes Photography. And his wife just happens to be a GORGEOUS make-up artist to boot.

According to Kelly, "when Adam and Lauren got engaged in late 2006, they had a wedding date set for fall of 2007. Circumstances took a devastating turn in April 2007 when Lauren’s mom was only given a few weeks to live. Lauren desperately wanted her mom to see her walk down the aisle so within a matter of a few weeks, May 4th became their new wedding date. Lauren’s prayers were answered. Her mom hung on through the wedding and went home to be with the Lord a few weeks later. Adam and Lauren never had a chance to have engagement pictures. Lauren is a theater diva….she loves dramatic photos that tell a story and it was one of her desires that Adam and she have a photo shoot that was dripping with drama!"

The resulting shoot was sexy, dramatic and completely inspiring. We are officially jealous of Lauren's red and white vintage dress and her make-up fits the shoot perfectly. We hope you enjoy these love-birds as much as we did!

Images Courtesy of Kellan Studios.


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