Good Morning to all our lovely Completely Unveiled blog followers! We were supposed to reveal the Bliss Giveaway winner to you on Friday, but we have been busy bees working on an incredible Fall issue for you, so please forgive us! Weddings Unveiled staffers and Bliss Bridal Shoes designer Tamara Connell read each and every one of your lovely shoe anecdotes and we came to the unanimous decision that this sentimental entry from CCarbott on AUGUST 10, 2009 9:10 PM was the best of the bunch...

"My favorite pair of shoes were actually not even mine, they belonged to my grandmother. She would come visit every summer and her Sunday shoes were a pair of two-tone, toe-dipped sling-back Chanel pumps in black and beige. The second she would arrive I would beg to put them on and she would tell me "These were designed by a woman who wanted to make a statement, when you wear these shoes you make a statement. Your shoes are a reflection of who you are and they help you walk with a purpose." After that she would let me wear them and I would clobber around the house in them until I fell asleep. Those shoes made me feel grown up and important and while i had them on I embodied every quality that I loved about my grandmother- the sassy, Northern, no time for nonsense woman that I strived to be as a little girl.
My grandmother has since passed and her now vintage Chanel shoes still sit in my closet, still two sizes too big for my feet. Even though she will not be able to be at my wedding, when I put on my wedding shoes, I know she will be there in spirit giving me the sass and confidence to strut down the aisle and to make a statement as I begin my new life with my future husband and best friend."

Congratulations, CCarbott! We know you'll pick out a perfectly sassy pair. Please email us at for all the details.

Thank you all for your comments and for following our blog! Look for more fabulous contests coming soon!


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