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Simple weddings can be some of the most amazing weddings to attend. We have always championed the brides who can make simple look so gorgeous, because while it might sound easy to plan a simple wedding, making it stand out can require a little more work. Simple CAN be stunning, which is why we love Simple Stunning Weddings: Designing and Creating Your Perfect Celebration by Karen Bussen.

Karen Bussen is one of Manhattan's most exciting wedding designers. Her work has been featured in such magazines as Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, Home, Food & Wine, and Interior Design. In the past six years, she has designed more than 100 weddings and most of them have been simple and stunning. In her book, Bussen highlights elements such as color, personalization and of course simplicity, as she shows couples how to design their own weddings without going crazy or broke.

Focusing her attention on location, Bussen showcases 12 popular wedding settings that can be simple, including the city loft, country inn, art gallery, botanic garden, and private club, and demonstrates how to make them extraordinary. With the setting as the starting point, she creates unifying themes with color, flowers, and personal touches. She explains how to deal with vendors, how to spend the wedding budget, and when it makes sense to hire a specialist.

Thankfully, Bussen shares some trade secrets, teaching brides the power of simplicity and the impact of color, which can be tailored to any budget, and can be done with stunning effect: substituting cotton tablecloths for silk in the same eye-dazzling color combinations, for example, or creating striking flower arrangements using only one or two types of blooms.

No matter what kind of affair you are planning, pick up this book and be inspired to be simply stunning.

Simple Stunning Weddings: Designing and Creating Your Perfect Celebration. $21.45 at Amazon.

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