Walk The Course Registration ~ Last Week!

A week from today Diamonds Direct SouthPark is walking in the Avon Foundation’s “Walk The Course” to raise awareness and funds for local domestic violence programs and prevention. The time is now to face this urgent issue- and you can help.

We invite you to walk with them by joining the Diamonds Direct Team. “Meet them in the Middle” by joining the team, paying your $25 registration fee, and a donation of at least $25, The Diamonds Direct Foundation will donate an additional $50 to the team!

Don’t have time to walk? Make a donation to our team’s efforts- the Avon Foundation is a 501c3 organization, and you donation is tax deductible. Plus, as an added thank you, participants will be awarded with at Diamonds Direct Team t-shirt.

Diamonds Direct hopes to raise a total of $5,000.00, and they need your help! Register this week!


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