And the Winner Is...

We have chosen a winner for the $150 Avelle gift card AND the craziest wedding story!! The winner is Leah! Not only is it pretty wacky that the groom wanted to play Nerts and that a multiple-player game of solitaire broke out at the reception - but we also LOVE that the bride and groom made a point to make sure that every guest felt special and had a good time!  See her full comment below.

Congratulations Leah!! Thank you to everyone who submitted and please keep checking back for a chance to win free stuff from Weddings Unveiled!

"Once I was at a wedding reception, surrounded by a large number of people I didn't know, dressed up and feeling uncomfortable. Out of nowhere comes the groom with a big grin on his face.

"Want to play Nerts?"

The bride and several members of the wedding party then showed up and joined us by the harp - on the ground - in a multiplayer game of solitaire."

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