Real Wedding ~ Emily Foley, WU Writer Extraordinaire

There's no doubt that here at Weddings Unveiled, we see a lot of weddings. However, it's not every day that we can share the wedding of one of our own. Emily Foley has been writing for Weddings Unveiled now for a couple of years and has interviewed many newlyweds for our real wedding features. We have always loved Emily's style and brilliant personality and when she recently married in Atlanta, GA, we couldn't wait to share her with you. She's given us a little bit of insight on some of her decisions. If you'd like to know more, leave a comment!

Sing Photography. Reception Venue: Rhodes Hall. Florist: Vines & Roses. Cake: Joshua John Cakes.

Emily: I knew I wanted Joshua John ( to create my wedding cake. His bold, energetic style is completely unique and exactly what I wanted. Plus, he’s inspired by fashion, making us two peas in a pod. People literally gasped when they saw the finished product. It also tasted like dessert (his M.O.) which meant that even though I don’t typically like cake, I thought it was delicious!

Emily: Purple and apple green have been my “signature colors” for a while, as evinced by my last three bedrooms. As soon as I started thinking about my wedding (read: before I was actually engaged), I knew those were the colors I would use. I chose a deep plum for an element of elegance alongside the cheerfulness of apple green. There was a point on my wedding day when my bridesmaids and I were taking pictures that I stepped back and looked at them, and my heart skipped a little as I realized that the colors were exactly what I’d pictured.

Emily: I used Vines & Roses florist in Dacula (way outside of Atlanta), where my best friend’s mother works. I don’t know a lot about types of flowers, but knew the colors and overall shape for the bouquets that I wanted. I also knew that I wanted a collar of black boa on mine, which was met with resistance by a lot of my advisors (the florist was nervous about the black element, and my mother was afraid the feathery texture would look gothic). I stood my ground and literally started jumping up and down and cheering when I saw the finished product. Perfection.


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