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Bridezilla is a word that we truly despise. No, really. We've heard it quite enough, thank you. Maybe it's because we find the notion of behaving like a spoiled, ridiculous brat with your wedding as an excuse completely and totally apalling, but we also find the fact that it appears on television in some form about every five minutes equally distasteful. Just the same, it's no secret that weddings can turn normally sane and lovely women into fire-breathing “Bridezillas.” Such girls immediately become the center of gossip among all their friends until they toss their bouquet to the next bride-gone-wild. Bridezillas have been written about in countless publications, documented (somewhat unbelievably) on film and have been given wayyyyyy more attention than they deserve. Meanwhile, their grooms have flown happily under the radar, with little attention given to their less-than-gentlemanly antics. That is... until now.

Allow us to introduce you to the "Groomzilla." In a hilarious twist, Surviving Groomzilla sheds some light on beastly grooms terrorizing their brides, their vendors, their family, their guests and well... pretty much everyone.

Author Craig Bridger, an admitted (and recovered) "Groomzilla”, has written for The New York Times, GQ, and Men's Health. His book, Surviving Groomzilla, is the ultimate harried bride’s guide to surviving a maniacal groom. But what exactly is a "Groomzilla" you ask? According to Craig, a Groomzilla is "
An ordinary man, who upon betrothal, transforms into a pastry-tasting, Save-the-Date card obsessed know-it-all." If you find that you have one of these unfortunate men on your hands, then Surviving Groomzilla will help you reign in the ruckus.

Some of his groom-tested advice includes:

• Assessing your Groomzilla: Ranging from “pretty safe” to “not good at all,” learn to recognize what you're dealing with through quizzes and real life anecdotes.
• Groomzilla eats the wedding vendors: You can’t control Groomzilla, but you can control the variables around him.
• The guests and your Groomzilla: How to handle both in the same room.
• The big day: Groomzilla-proofing your wedding.
• The Honeymoon: You survived Groomzilla!

Surviving Groomzilla is a laugh-out-loud look at the masculine half of weddings and the definitive guide for brides with misbehaving grooms. Remember, it's your wedding. Let's keep it that way. Get your copy today.

Surviving Groomzilla ~ A Bride’s Guide. $9.95. Click here to find it on


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