With the continuing popularity of the strapless bodice, some designers are restructuring the look to keep it from going stale. The corset is one digression off the basic strapless. Corsets are fascinating; they suggest the intimacy of lingerie and all those private moments primping in a boudoir. Working itself into mainstream fashion alongside 1980s punk chic, icons like Madonna and Cindy Lauper are noted for introducing the corset. As of late, they’ve showed up in bridal wear either as separates or the bodice of a full gown.

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Two basic things really mark the look of a corset: lace and boning. Other characteristics include front or back ribbon lace-up, hooks and eyes and wiring under the bra cups. Italian designer Amelia Casablanca has taken the corset to the level of a work of art. Each gown is a study in working different variations and incorporating imaginative detail. Paired with skirts sporting yards of sumptuous fabric, each corset sits a top a cinched waistline proffering an ultra-feminine look.

All gowns by Amelia Casablanca


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