After California’s Supreme Court decided this spring that our constitution conferred the right to marry to all couples, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia di Rossi were one of thousands of same-sex couples to tie the knot. Both Ellen and Portia’s bridal wear was done by celeb designer, Zac Posen. Portia was stunning in her a la Monroe/Swan Lake confection of white and peachy-pink tulle; Ellen (hard to believe she’s 50!) looked terrific in her dress whites. Looking at these gorgeous wedding photos by Lara Porzak, you realize how joyous each bride is in the reflection of the other. Luckily ‘two bride’ ceremonies like this can be shared with the world now instead of secreted behind closed doors.
Despite the run of same-sex celebrations spring and summer all over California, we’ve hardly blinked and there’s already an initiative on the November 2008 ballot to overturn this long awaited decision. If Prop 8 does pass this fall, it means all the legal rights of marriage will be denied once again to same sex couples. (This won’t effect those already married). Among the many unfair results would be: When/if one partner is hospitalized, dies or wants to share a decent health plan —the other half is just another lone soul out there fending on his/her own.

Stand up for the legal rights of marriage for all couples and the rejection of California’s Prop 8. If you’re a Californian listen up and realize we have twenty-two days to get the word out on this. Other than voting NO on Prop 8 what else can you do? Plenty. To get started:
1.) Go to the Vote NO on Prop 8 site http://eqfed.org/campaign/vow?qp_source=gan and sign the petition.
2.) Donate
3.) Go to Prop 8 site's phone bank page and schedule a time to make calls.
4.) Host a house party
5.) Create your own fundraising page
5.) Volunteer to register others to vote.

If you’re not a Californian, please talk and write about this subject to others in California who can vote (especially if you are a blogger).

If you’re part of a 'two bride' couple planning a post fall wedding, vote, keep faith and enjoy these planning sites


By the way, I can’t take credit for thinking up this catchy Her’s N’ Her’s title; it’s part of an email address my niece and her newlywed wife thought up as far back as email was invented.


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