Muscari by Easter Yu

We can't get enough of Muscari by Easter Yu, whose creations could easily inspire the theme of an entire event. Her charming, one-of-a-kind designs arise from a love of nature, color and texture and are created with materials such as feathers, silk flowers, dried botanicals, beads and other found objects. Her collection for weddings offers, among other ideas, sophisticated alternatives to the sooooo-boring satin ring bearer pillow. We find the striking simplicity of her Birch, Puff and Bird Nest designs incredibly beautiful. Birch is pictured below. $10 each.

Muscari necklaces and feather flowers make chic, bold bridal accessories, but it's also easy to imagine a bevy of bridesmaids in lovely Muscari necklaces, matched perfectly with bright dresses for dramatic effect. Our favorite is the Sugar Peach Blooms necklace pictured below. $70.


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