While sleeveless and strapless styles are still tres chic in 2009 collections, I definitely see a trend starting that could lead us back to some magnificent revivals; These inspire both traditional and cutting edge ends of the spectrum. Think of sleeves as having their very own silhouettes within the overall design itself. There are probably more variations on sleeve than any other component of your gown. I could have covered hundreds here but for the sake of time and space, I could only bring you some of the latest and most familiar.

Nadia Tettamanti

David Fielden
Above: Two different versions of the 3/4 balloon sleeve. Ana Tores organza and David Fielden's heavy lace net.
Middle photo:Nadia Tettamanti's delicate cap sleeve in embellished organza

David Fielden
Above photo: dramatic bell sleeves made of lace.

Below photos: Two versions of puffed sleeves; Kula Tsurdiu's bolero and Alan Hannah's gossamer puffs, evocative of something on a Jane Austen character.

Kula Tsurdiu

Alan Hannah

Alan Hannah
Lace against skin tone pops as well as creating the very romantic mood of the two short sleeved gowns above and below.


Above: 3/4 length sleeve

Jenny Packham



For the bride with theatrical whimsy, modified pagoda sleeves give this extraordinary gown above a touch of costume chic.

Sorelle Franceschi

Above and below: Variations on Sorelle Franceschi's bishop sleeves

Sorelle Franceschi

Sorelle Franceschi


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