Mongolian lambskin gilet by Cymbelinei

I don't like faux fur despite it's being totally hot right now. Most of what's out there  reminds me of fake mink stoles for kids found in those 1950s-60s 'dress up' kits. And while none of us like to think about animals getting killed and/or endangered, there's nothing like wearing real fur in a cold climate. The happy medium is of course you can wear all the fur and feathers you want as long as no animal was bumped off.  So what furs are authentic, chic and safe to wear? Hot right now is Tibetan Lamb, Moulton Lamb, goat (Angora). Did you know lambs and goats need to be sheared every six months? (read: sheared not killed) Angora goats for instance need to be sheared early spring and fall. Notice I say need here. Early shearing will keep them cool and comfortable in summer and the fall shearing has to be early enough so they can grow that lovely fur out just right to keep warm come winter . . .

Feathers are another option for winterizing yourself. Marabou and ostrich have long been associated with chic and warmth. These delectable winter treats  by Sasso are a bit jazzy if not retro but might be just the look you've been wanting . . .


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