Morbar.  Bows on the shoulder and back complimenting the satin gown. Knit wool and rabbit Marini Silvano.
 Elisabetta Polignano . . . A large bow sits on the back of this satin dress with full skirt.

Mariage Haute Couture. Clean-lined 3/4 sleeved silk dress.  Head wreath by Cuini
 Elisabetta Polignano.Victorian mood to the dress with satin bustier neckline. Open toe Lorusso Haute Couture. .Pom-pom head piece by Cuini

Rosa Clara. Bustier dress with pleated skirt with a delicate embossed pattern. Cashmere scarf on head with wool pom-poms.
Acquachiara Collection.An iridescent beading sotolinea the simple silhouette in silk. René Caovilla
jeweled sandals . . .

 Acquachiara Collection. Sleeveless silk dress with flower at the waist and fluffy skirt, complete with a long veil. Jewel sandals with fur details, Rene Caovilla. Circle headdress with pompoms by Cuini.

Elisabetta Polignano. One shoulder dress with a bustier, embossed and embroidered in pearls, silk and chiffon tail. Small springs of wool knitted flowers by Cuini.

A string of pearls laces this gown in satin with embroidered bustier and skirt. Headband and white feather crystals, Pepe & Mint. Circle headdress with pompoms by Cuini.

All photos courtesy Vogue Italy

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