Lookbook Fall 2010 ~ Vera Wang

It's no secret that Weddings Unveiled has a love affair with Vera Wang. I'm a long-time fan and Vera Wang gowns have repeatedly appeared in our fashion editorials and on our covers. I was especially excited by last season's collection and it appeared in spectacular fashion on the headlining page of our Summer 2009 fashion editorial, on our current Fall 2009 cover and in that same issue's Love Affair, the head-turning fashion editorial we photographed in Georgia.

The new Vera Wang Fall 2010 collection is a further realization of themes visible in the Spring 2010 collection, combined with new elements, some of which we've seen from Vera Wang in recent years. There's an abundance of tulle and lots of asymmetrical draping and flange detailing. Both grosgrain and horsehair bow belts remain a staple part of the collection and again we see an installment in black. There's more of a floral-ish look to the details in this collection and as such, they lend this group of gowns a sweeter look than the Spring 2010 collection. They're still edgy and modern, yet also sweet and pretty. When I look at this collection, I see an idea that has been further developed, as is often the case with any great artist and this is one of my favorite collections of the season.

I think the thing that draws me back time and again to Vera Wang is that she has a unique vision and chooses to see it through. When you see a Vera Wang gown, you know it's a Vera Wang. When I re-visit her look book, it's a welcome change from the sea of collections who seem to have the same required elements, use the same materials and honestly, seem to have the same idea of what a bridal gown is. Maybe this is a harsh way to say it, but a many bridal collections really look a lot alike. It is this repetitive nature of bridal fashion that pushes me to include ready-to-wear in our fashion editorials and look for bridal gowns that aren't so... well... bride-y. I want to show our readers that a bridal gown can be many things and with each new season, I'm always looking for those unique, inspired designs that remain wearable and beautiful. I can always find it with Vera Wang. I'd like to let you know which dresses are my favorites of the collection, but I don't want to give away too much about our upcoming Winter 2010 editorial. With that, I'll leave you with a final thought...

Whenever I dress a model in a Vera Wang gown, they always say the same thing -- that the dress feels amazing to wear and that they feel beautiful in it. Brides choose Vera Wang for the same reason. That really says it all, doesn't it?

~ Brooke Thomas
Creative Director, Weddings Unveiled


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