Lookbook Fall 2010 ~ Lazaro

Admittedly, the Lazaro collection is definitely my favorite among the JLM Couture family of collections, which also includes Jim Hjelm, Alvina Valenta and Tara Keely. On occasion, I've chosen Lazaro gowns for Weddings Unveiled fashion editorials (a spectacular one appeared in our Fall 2008 editorial, photographed on Cumberland Island in GA!) and at a glance, you easily see that the style and design of the collection is a departure from the others. As expected from Lazaro, this collection is packed with his signature hand-beading and embroidery, often appearing as it has in past collections on tulle. In addition, the collection has an abundance of lace and ribbon belting, and lots and lots of texture combinations, ranging from feathery skirts and airy ruffles, to precise pleats. We've definitely seen a lot of dramatically texturized skirts this season and in seasons past and with that, I find myself drifting away from texture overload. I actually like the less-embellished gowns from this collection and my favorites from bridal are the first two dresses pictured below. Overall, I'm sticking with Jim Hjelm Occasions as the best bridesmaid line from the JLM family, but I the dark gray knee-length dress from Lazaro is very pretty. Though I don't generally like crystal and beading embellishment on bridesmaid looks, this dress is a lovely interpretation of the design of one of my bridal collection picks.

~Brooke Thomas
Creative Director, Weddings Unveiled


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