Lookbook Fall 2010 ~ Douglas Hannant

I love that designer Douglas Hannant's bridal collections are created with the eye of a ready-to-wear designer. What I see in his collection is his true aesthetic, unmarred and un-dulled by the bridal industry. His style and viewpoint for this bridal collection is consistent with and easily recognized in his newest Spring, 2010 rtw collection, where you'll see a stunning navy and white floral-patterned variation of the one-shouldered gown in this collection and a breathlessly pretty floral variation of the first dress pictured below, which is my favorite (and my favorite of that Spring 2010 rtw collection).

I see this collection in three parts, which includes the first three dresses pictured (my favorites), the last four dresses pictured and finally, the five dresses pictured in between. What I like most about this collection and the first three dresses pictured, is the use of the bustle, borrowed from the Age of Innocence era. I think the bustle gives these dresses an air of sophisticated historic reference and the exquisite, texturized detailing seen in the second two dresses gives them added back-view interest and glamour.

The second part of this collection (the last four dresses pictured) definitely has a fantasy, fairy princess-y element and there's lots of tulle and full ballgown skirting to go around, not to mention a varied use of texture that includes lace, embroidery, floral appliques and a shimmering fringe-like detail. The interesting aspect of these dresses is the slightly high placement of the waist, which isn't quite a natural or true waist, that lends the silhouette a striking originality. One dress goes one step further with a hippy skirt that could be loosely translated as Elizabethan-looking. I saw the whisperings of this waistline aesthetic in Hannant's Fall 2009 rtw collection, albeit in a much more toned-down way. It disappeared altogether from his Resort and Spring 2010 rtw collections, only to re-appear more fully and fantastically developed in bridal.

What about those five in-between dresses, you ask? Hmmmm...
They're pretty... but for my part, I would rather have seen the further development of the two standout aesthetics of the collection. I'd love to see more variations of the one-shouldered looks or more bustles or more of that lovely textured detailing. But that's just me. I think those are the ones that today's modern sophisticate will want.

Look for more reviews of Fall 2010 collections next week. Y'all have a great weekend!

~Brooke Thomas
Creative Director, Weddings Unveiled


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