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Tomme Hilton was born on Valentine's Day and as it turns out, she has made a career out of documenting love. The work she does for her Charleston, SC based photography studio, the Tomme Hilton Gallery, is often described as modern, fresh and romantic. Her ability to shoot with emotion and capture the intimate, often unseen moments of a wedding have led to a portfolio of captivating images and a sucessful photography business. Tomme works with her talented assistant Erica, creating imagery and client relationships fused with their love for photography and people. Read on to learn more about Tomme and Erica and what inspires the ladies behind the lenses at the Tomme Hilton Gallery.

The Tomme Hilton Gallery is based in Charleston, SC but is available for assignments worldwide. To contact the Tomme Hilton Gallery, please visit their website.

Weddings Unveiled: Tell us a little bit about Tomme Hilton Gallery.

Tomme and Erica: We are two creative girls looking for an outlet from the gauntlet of the mundane. Our business is about client relationships fused with our love for photography and people.

WU: How did you become a wedding photographer?

Tomme: A friend of mine begged me to shoot her wedding as their wedding gift. At first, I said, "No way!", but then I buckled. From there, it just seemed to find me.

Erica: Tomme made me do it. :)

WU: Digital or film or both? Why?

Tomme: I have shot with film and I love it. I'm just trying to find my place in digital since digital makes it error proof. We all make mistakes, but it's just best when you can correct them. Eventually I will incorporate film into my work as well for future events. There are some things in film that you just cannot produce in digital.

Erica: I started with film in high school and college, but never perfected it. I am a perfectionist... So, I became a graphic designer to work my way with the computer and try my best at making things as close to perfection as possible. I am still trying to figure it all out... but mostly I've learned that nothing in life can ever be perfect.

WU: Describe your wedding photography style.

Tomme: I try to think of my work as the natural emotions infused in each relationship. Quirky, cute, romantic, sexy, tender and sometimes down right ridiculous. I want couples to be able to see themselves in the images we create for them.

Erica: In simple words, "capturing who you truly are."

WU: Show us your favorite wedding image and tell us why it represents who you are as wedding photographer.

Tomme and Erica: The image attached shows who I am, my personality. I can capture an amazing photograph while having a few laughs. I enjoy getting to know the couple and making them do a few goofy things out of the norm. It helps them relax and gives me those genuine, raw smiles and laughs that 'you' can't produce on cue.

WU: What inspires you?

Tomme: Magazines and music videos. A little fashion Vogue!

Erica: Design magazines or a nice meditation in the good 'ol outdoors -- and there's nothing like turning up the country music.

WU: What inspires your photography?

Tomme: Being around people in love. Doesn't that sound like such a cliché? Watching their energy together and capturing those moments of them being themselves.

Erica: Life in general. The best part about photography is that it allows time to stand still for that one moment, the moments you can never revisit. So, with that said... just LIFE inspires me.

WU: How do you keep your wedding photography fresh?

Tomme: With each wedding I try to discover something new about photography or my style. I set aside at least one new task that will better my skills.

Erica: I am still learning. Each day is new and fresh for me!

WU: Do you do non-wedding photography work? If so, how does it influence your wedding photography?

Tomme and Erica: Yes, it's like taking a bath. It cleanses my thinking and allows me to explore new concepts and challenges that I can bring into my wedding world. Thinking of new objects in different atmospheres.

WU: What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

Tomme and Erica: Tomme Hilton Gallery is different from other photographers solely based on our attitude. We love to make people laugh, loosen up and enjoy their day. We go into each shoot as if our clients are professional models... There are absolutely no flaws, they are beautiful at every angle. So, lighten up, have fun and let's get shooting! We can't wait to see those true colors shine through!

WU: What would be your ideal wedding assignment?

Tomme and Erica: Our ideal wedding assignment would be giving us a bridal party that obeys without a word and a timeline that does not exist. Our mission is to shoot as many versatile photos as possible during the course of the wedding day.

WU: Tell us three things you can't live without.

Tomme: My family, my camera and coffee.

Erica: My family, food and my pillow (yep, it's a wonderful pillow, okay!)

WU: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Tomme and Erica: Life's a dance that you learn as you go. Thanks to John Michael Montgomery for those inspiring words! Hey, you know it's true!

WU: What is the best advice you can give to an engaged couple?

Tomme and Erica: Ask any successful relationship of 40+ years, marriage is hard. Nothing in life comes easy, so work hard at everything you do. It will pay off. Tell your partner that you love them and make sure you steal at least one kiss everyday! You'll be surprised how time slips by.


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