Beautiful macaroons, handmade marshmallows, artisan chocolates... what more could a girl want? Satisfy your sweet tooth, or sweeten someone else's day with delicious treats from Sucré, the famed New Orleans sweet shop. Sucré infuses the culture of New Orleans with traditional French confections, offering an emporium of artisan sweets from plated desserts to boxed treats, including macaroons, chocolates, candied pecans, handmade vanilla marshmallows and so much more! In particular, we adore their pretty collection of boxed flavored macaroons, perfect for sending as thank-you gifts. Flavors include strawberry, almond, pecan, hazelnut, orange, pistachio, lemon and chocolate. We also love love love the For the Love of Chocolate collection of chocolate-raspberry hearts for Valentine's Day. We've posted a few more of our favorites below, but visit the Sucré website to see everything they have to offer.


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