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Located in the heart of downtown Charleston, SC, Yoj Events has been designing flawless events across the South since opening their doors in 2005. Known for creating custom, distinctive designs that reflect the style and personalities of their clients, Yoj Events has become one of the most sought-after event planners in the Southern states. From the event palette to the font on a seating card, every element is thoughtfully produced, resulting in spectacular, seamless events. Read on to learn more about Candice, the owner of Yoj Events, and why she's your perfect wedding day companion.

Yoj Events is based in Charleston, SC. To contact Yoj Events, visit the company website or call 843.614.3413.

Weddings Unveiled: Tell us a little bit about Yoj Events.

Candice Joy Hilse: Yoj Events (yahj e vents) is defined as: Events focused on the individual, derived from fresh ideas, unique and one of a kind, designed for impact, for an experience that is truly, fabulously flawless.

WU: How did you become an event designer? When and how did you begin Yoj Events?

CJH: I worked in the corporate world for years and through job experience and past experiences in college, I really learned about and grew my passion for creating great experiences. From grant presentations to launches, I fell in love with the marriage of creativity and action that comes from events. I was asked to do a few private events for friends and Yoj was born. I had all of the things I loved with weddings and private events, so in 2005, Yoj came out of that perfect balance.

WU: Tell us about how you work with engaged couples, whether as a team or individually.

CJH: Planning and Design is all about the relationship. When I meet with a couple, they have to feel like they can tell me anything. They have to trust us to give them the day of their dreams, and that we 'get' who they are and what they want. If we have that connection, then we begin planning their special day with an outline and timeline. We are a hands on best friend through every facet of the process from dress shopping to the first dance.

WU: Describe your wedding style.

CJH: At Yoj, the client's style is our style. While maintaing etiquette and taste, we let our couples know that when it comes to the rules of the modern wedding, there are no rules. Being open to new and personalized ideas is what allows us to make their dreams come true.

WU: What inspires you?

CJH: Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to begin! I've designed an entire wedding around a napkin ring that became a votive holder. The answer would be almost anything from a sheet of stationery to a couple's photo, or an objet d'art I randomly came across. I start with one little idea or piece and the entire style comes together like a puzzle. When I look back at the design, and the puzzle looks put together, then I know it's ready to present.

WU: How do you keep your ideas fresh?

CJH: Prayer! lol Part of it comes from being open to inspiration in odd places. I spend a lot of time getting to know fun stories and personal anecdotes about a couple. Some of the coolest ideas come out of things they like to do together or amazing places they've been. Any time you keep it personal, it becomes special and different, which to me, is what takes a run of the mill wedding and makes it a day that is truly special and deserving of the start of a new marriage.

WU: What was your favorite wedding and why?

CJH: Each one has been so different and fun in its own way! It has happened more than once that I've had a bride and groom who have not been able to be there physically for the planning process. I had a couple who hadn't seen anything other than sketches and left it to us to completely select and design the entire day with them being no more involved than websites and phone conferences. The bride was so in love with her day, that she cried when she saw it all pulled together. There is just something so special about being able to make people feel like you understand them.

WU: What makes Yoj Events different from other wedding and event designers?

CJH: Our corporate experience allows us to wonderfully balance the organization and budgeting piece with custom work to make each event's design fresh and special. We pride ourselves on finding new ways to make even the busiest couple connected to the planning of their day. With private design websites and teleconference meetings available to fit the needs of any time zone, we can make everyone feel included. On the flip side, we can always meet for coffee just around the block!

WU: What would be your ideal wedding assignment or dream wedding to design?

CJH: I have this rundown place I found for a corporate event a long time ago that didn't pan out. I am dying to turn it into this beautiful juxtaposition of its plainness and the beauty and passion that a wedding evokes with over-the-top lighting and lush fabrics. I can just see a gorgeous gown and black ties flowing through this unloved space. That, and Yoj will definitely be happy to plan your wedding in Tahiti!

WU: Tell us three things you can't live without.

CJH: While I kill one off about every 3 months, I cannot live without my blackberry. It's a love/hate affair.

My Fabric Binder. Life's no fun without crazy options for colors and prints!

Some serious heels in crazy prints and colors. Hey, accessories always fit!

WU: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

CJH: I have this vendor I respect immensely. I actually work with her a lot, because of this. I remember in the beginning of our growth, I was noticing that there seemed to be a struggle in the industry with celebrity versus passion. She told me that she had decided a long time ago that she would be focused on the clients, because that is what ultimately made her happy. It seemed so simple a thought, but I remember that conversation any time I get stressed about my business and where it's going and what people think of our design work, etc., etc., etc. All that matters is that Yoj couples love their day. I want their wedding to be just as important to us as it is to them, because they deserve no less than the very best.

WU: What is the best advice you can give to an engaged couple?

CJH: Be honest with each other from day one about what you want, before you go any further. Not only will it make the planning process easier, but it's great practice for the future. Take it from a newlywed who is still learning herself ;)

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