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A love of photography and weddings eventually turned into a dream job for good friends Alea and Kim of Alea Moore Photography, whose images have appeared numerous times here on Completely Unveiled. Their photojournalistic approach and bright personalities help them capture candid moments for their clients and create spectacular, storytelling imagery. Interestingly enough, their favorite wedding image is also one of our Creative Director's favorite wedding images. She's loved it since the first moment she saw it in Alea Moore's ad in Weddings Unveiled and we know you'll all be swooning over it too. W'e're so excited to tell you about the creative, joyous, engaging spirit behind Alea Moore Photography. Read on to learn more!

Alea Moore Photography is based in Atlanta, Georgia but is available for wedding photography worldwide. To contact Alea Moore visit her website or call 919.247.4129.

Weddings Unveiled: Tell us a bit about Alea Moore Photography.

Alea Moore: AMP is made up of two fabulous friends who shared a love for photography and weddings. We have a blast everyday getting to create fun fabulous photographs for our friends. I never thought using a camera could be so amazing -- it has brought to us the most genuine people, sent us to places we never thought we would visit (ie Rome in the Spring) and leaves us fulfilled at the end of every day!

WU: How did you become a wedding photographer?

AM: I was at NCSU aspiring to become a vet and I worked at a humane society trying to save lives, but I was truly depressed at the prospect of becoming a vet. For so long, I thought it was what I wanted, but I had a really hard time admitting it really wasn't the right fit. I went back to my art roots for a creative outlet and picked up my camera again. After my wedding, I fell in love with wedding photography and at that time, I never thought I could actually be a professional photographer! I mean who gets to take pictures for a living! HA! But, after taking some time to seriously consider it, my husband made the decision for me and gave me my first digital SLR while sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Hawaii. (pause for a magical moment) He said to me, "you gotta live that life you've always imagined." So, from there, I shot weddings for friends, then friends of friends, and now friends of friends of friends! It's been an amazing journey!

WU: Digital or film or both? Why?

AM: Digital!! The possibilities are endless!!

WU: Describe your wedding photography style.

AM: We are mainly photojournalists. Though there are times we give our clients some artistic direction, we still hope and want them to be themselves. Our style encompasses natural light, a little bit of vintage, and A LOT of the people we are photographing.

WU: Show us your favorite wedding image and tell us why it represents who you are as a wedding photographer.

AM: Oh how I love this photograph! This everything I always hope to have to give to a client. They look so joyful, and just who they are. I love that they were willing to lay in the grass in their party clothes, and really just enjoy each other. (On a side note, we love love love this image too!)

WU: What inspires you?

AM: I actually love finding inspiration in things non-wedding. I love Stephen Shore. I love Georgia O'Keefe. I love pioneer woman. YouTube can be pretty funny! I love to travel. Culture is so inspirational. I love old things. I love knowing that the photos I take will one day be old. Pretty cool thought when you think about the frame on the mantle with grandma and grandpa's photo - and it could be a photo you took 50 years ago.

WU: What inspires your photography?

AM: OH man, so many things! I have to be honest, I love my church! I attend Buckhead Church. They are consistently pushing creative boundaries, they never compromise their core purpose and give 100% in everything they do. This is all I hope to embody in our business and photography.

WU: How do you keep your wedding photography fresh?

AM: Drinking a hard core energy drink and doing 25 jumping jacks. That works most times, but mainly I just remember that photography is supposed to be fun - fun for me and fun for our clients. If we keep the fun fact in mind, the photos are always going to ROCK!

WU: Do you do non-wedding photography work? If so, how does it influence your wedding photography?

AM: Yes, we always photograph babies, kiddos and families. Oh, they're just so fun, what's not inspirational about a fresh new baby, a happy giggly toddler or a family that loves to hug each other. It's just wonderful!

WU: What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

AM: I ask myself this question a lot. I feel like we have a similar style to a lot of photographers out there, but I guess I am who I am. I know that might sound silly, but being me makes me different. I want to share joy and love with you. I will laugh and cry with you - I want my job to be contagious and infectious. I want you to feel welcomed, beautiful and fabulous all in one!

WU: What would be your ideal wedding assignment?

AM: Somewhere foreign to me! I love culture and traveling and going to places I've never been before! So, finding a couple who is adventurous, spontaneous and "willing to travel" would be AHMAZING!

WU: Tell us three things you can't live without.

AM: Assuming that a camera doesn't count because it is a 6th appendage -- my family, coffee, and hmmm...cupcakes!

WU: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

AM: "Live the life you have always imagined." ~ my cutie husband

WU: What is the best advice you can give to an engaged couple?

AM: Don't be afraid to be yourselves! Don't do something for your wedding because you feel like you have to or because that's what has always been done or what everyone is doing! It's your day to spend it exactly how the both of you want to!


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