Good Saturday my friends! Before we get into the spirit of enjoying all the blue here, now is a good time to address all the pink and gray issues you've been having with Bride Chic, The Zine. It seems some of you are confused about the mag's layout. Okay, getting to The Zine via this site's side bar should take you to a page with the above magazine cover. Once there you'll find a link that says, VIEW THE MAGAZINE. Follow that and you end up here:

Below this header will be the magazine's content starting with a Letter From the Editor/Table of Contents section complete with a photo of Yours Truly (looking alot like Plushenko's mother or sister) yapping about how delighted I am to be launching this new resource for brides, yada, yada,yada. From there you just click on the Read More links and enjoy all the good stuff .

And now, for that little bit of blue I promised you . . .

Something Blue!
Blue. How inspiring is this? For me it's the vintage dress and Blue Willow China that does it. All these blues have just the right stuff to make for a gorgeous mix on your wedding day . . .

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