No you're not missing me today, I'm just elsewhere. Two places actually. First, check out Weddings Fresh where I'll be covering Gown Friday once more. We'll be looking at the elegant creations of European designer Britta Kjerkegaard. Isn't the gown above just a knock out? You'll find a treasure trove of gold and iridescence from this designer.

What will they think up next? Has the guitar replaced the veil, you ask? This is one of Joseph Font's head innovations--one of many new trends you can check out on OneWed's brand new blog, Savvy Scoop. I'm so happy to announce I'm their regular Friday Guest blogger. Each week we'll be looking at the ever changing world of bridal fashion . Today we'll start off with some Trends for 2009 and Beyond.

I'll be back here on my own site tomorrow where I'll have a few comments on some very special head chic.

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