NYC Table Top Market ~ Royal Crown Derby Breakfast

We started out our last day of NYC Bridal Market at the Royal Crown Derby Breakfast, an intimate press breakfast at the New York Merchandise Mart. The event celebrated the recent collaboration of British designer, Bruce Oldfield and Royal Crown Derby and their launch of a stunning new blend of china and couture: the Bruce Oldfield collection, designed exclusively for Royal Crown Derby. The first-ever partnership between couturier and Royal Crown Derby, the Ruche collection combines Royal Crown Derby's traditional luxury branding with modern design and a wash of vibrant colors and textures. The result is a bold pairing of understated design with intricate, rippling detailing and a bold palette that invigorates the Royal Crown Derby family of color. Pictured in the last few images are Hattie Purnell, president of HPB Marketing and Royal Crown Derby CEO Hugh Gibson. All images were photographed exclusively for Weddings Unveiled by Michael Norwood.


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