Delphine Winners!

And the winner of the 50 free custom photo cards from Delphine is...

Erika who wrote the following comment:

"What a great giveaway. I have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. My AMAZING family whom I love so very much, my extremely handsome, incredibly supportive, and WONDERFUL fiance' (YAAH for being engaged!) who makes my life complete, my FABULOUS friends who love me so much and take such good care of me while the Army has my fiance', my superb health, my great job, and my beautiful life. I'm a lucky girl and couldn't be any happier."

And the two winners of 50% off their holiday orders are...

Miss Cuddlefish and Rachel Peters who wrote the following comments:

Miss Cuddlefish said...

"Being new to the blog world, I am SO thankful for all of the smart and beautiful women blogging out there! Not only do you girls write and post things that inspire me, you also give me information that saves me money, helps me plan my upcoming wedding, and make me think about things I've never thought of before! It's awesome and I'm so thankful!!!"

Rachel Peters said...

"I am thankful for following my dream of capturing love with my camera, instead of listening to those who said I could not / should not / would not / do it."

Congratulations Erika, Miss Cuddlefish, and Rachel Peters and thank you so much for sharing your comments!

Send an email to and we'll hook you up with Delphine to start designing your custom photo card order and shop their incredible holiday collection. For those of you who didn't win, don't miss out on the special 20% discount being offered to our Completely Unveiled and Weddings Unveiled readers, just enter coupon code "WEDU20" during checkout!


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