Up and coming, the not to be missed,  Art Meets Fashion . . . . . Photographers John Truong and Stuart Lirette have teamed up once more, this time shooting vintage inspired bridal and jewelry against the backdrop of contemporary art.  I took these snap shots of a hat and dress from my Dioresque Collection while Stuart was setting up. Day two and I'm still awed by the beauty within the contrasts. If you're searching for inspiration on putting together a look for your wedding day, this will be one unforgettable editorial worth waiting for.
 Photographer John Truong shooting model Brandi Howe for Art Meets Fashion

Love the idea of going traditional with a twist? stay tuned for Bejeweled . . . . . . Express your bride style with some exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry.  Also shot by Truong and Lirette, we'll take a look at  the stunning collections of two Bay Area jewelry designers.

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