Going with the Grain ~ Summer 2010 Issue Eventscape

It's difficult to remember what kind of gift you're supposed to give for which wedding anniversary. The big ones are easy enough - we know that silver is traditionally given for a 25th anniversary and gold for a 50th, but we were a little hazy on the others. Out of curiosity, we looked up the list of traditional anniversary gifts and found that wood is associated with fifth anniversaries and represents strength. With that little bit of research, we considered the warm beauty and rich texture of wood and before long, we had a million and one ideas. Just like that, we found the inspiration for our Summer 2010 fifth anniversary issue.

Earlier today we posted the Summer 2010 issue's real wedding features and throughout the rest of the afternoon, we'll post more editorials. Be sure to visit our website, where you can flip through the entire issue online. You'll find Stuff We Love packed with brilliant details, gifts and must haves, from wedding signs hand-painted on wood to a Channel Islands surfboard made from white cedar. We'll post our gorgeous fashion editorials, including Drift Away, photographed at the spectacular Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island in GA and Short Story, featuring some of our Creative Director's favorite mid-century walnut furniture pieces as props.

In this post, you'll find pages of our Going With the Grain editorial, a luxe eventscape created using a variety of wooden elements, including flowers carved from roots, topiaries made with pine cone petal spheres and pillar candlesticks of Himalayan pine, flatware with olive wood handles, carved wooden birds and artisan tumblers made by pouring molten glass into wooden molds. Enjoy!!

To see more of the Summer 2010 issue or to purchase a copy, visit the Weddings Unveiled website. You can also purchase a copy at a newsstand near you or subscribe via amazon.com. For instant updates, news, information and fantastic giveaways, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our RSS feed, or become a fan on Facebook!


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