WU & Miss Pickles Press Sittin' in a Tree....

We have highlighted some amazing stationers on Completely Unveiled before, but every once and a while we come across one that truly inspires us to the core. If we haven't said it enough, we shall say it one more time: expressing your wedding style doesn't need to stop at your dress, or your color theme. It can be carried through every detail of your wedding day, from the programs at your ceremony right down to the tags that drape from your favors.

While there are a number of places that offer customized paper goods for your entire day, there are very few that carry it through the way Miss Pickles Press does. And that is why with this post, we thee obsess!

With her southern flair and a clever tone, owner and creative director Jen Wells Mageau has created an inviting and stylish approach to wedding day paper goods. As she mentions on Miss Pickles, "I’m serious about great design. It’s what I love the best. I confess to a steamy love affair with color. Typography. Thick, luxurious paper. Texture. Gorgeous pattern. And when all of these magical elements combine and create something that’s truly unique, they become something that’s, well, uniquely yours. After all, your paper goods should be as stylish and fab as you are."

We couldn't agree more! We just swoon over Miss Pickles cupcake toppers, favor tags/labels, wedding paper suites and well.... everything! From ready-to-purchase designs to completely customized wedding paper suites, you can be sure that what you get is 100% uniquely yours. We just had to share this extraordinary and fabulous designer with you.

Images courtesy of Miss Pickles Press


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