Feast your eyes on these gowns by Jorge Terra. Brazilian born, based in Navarra, Spain, Terra's finding a cozy niche in evening and bridal wear. The gowns shown here were exhibited at the Puerta de Europa, International Bridal Fashion Exhibition; 23-24 April 2009 in Madrid. Since Terra is relatively new to the industry, pinning down a certain look synonymous with his work hasn't gelled as of yet. Still experimenting, the fun here will be in guessing which signature will become his own. I particularly like his sleeved looks reflective of 19th century costume. Tango and Flamenco sweeps of skirt reminiscent of a Spanish dancer are present too. Always on my chic list are the evening gowns a la 1930s he does with such a flair.

Photos courtesy Vogue Novias

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