Let Them Eat....Donuts?

The wedding cake has long been the centerpiece of any reception. Bright white, off white, beaded, flowered, crazy, traditional, raspberry filling, chocolate filling and everything in between. The wedding cake not only offers your guests a wonderful, end of the night sugar-coma, but its another outlet for the bride and groom to display their personality.

But what if your personality isn't cake? What if you don't like cake? Well don't let tradition hold you back! Many couples have traded time-honored tiers for a variety of confections that stay more true to who they are. It's a great way to treat your guests and get creative. We just wanted to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction.... check out some of the options below for great alternatives to the great white wedding cake!

Cupcakes have become the simple alternative to wedding cakes. Cute, individual and easy, the cupcake craze seems to be sweeping the wedding nation. However the now-ubiquitous cupcake can get a new spin. Something like personal petit-fours or mini-party cakes lend themselves to a variety of shapes, flavors and arrangements. Dragonfly Cakes specializes in creating decadent petits fours and Vosges Haute Chocolate can make personalized mini wedding cakes like the ones you see below!

Images courtesy of Dragonfly Cakes & Vosges Haute Chocolate.

Everybody loves an ice cream sundae. Especially when the summer is blazing hot and you just need something to cool you down. A sundae bar allows guests to get creative themselves, topping their ice cream flavor with any number of options. R&R Catering in Virgnia offers a Sundae Bar Menu to couples as a dessert option. Plus, you can coordinate the flavors and toppings with your color scheme - including personalized m&ms! We all scream for ice cream!

Image courtesy of Holland Photo Arts.

America loves pie! Cherry, apple, peach, coconut - you name it. Not everyone is a cake lover and pies are a great way to serve several flavors that can please many. Serve pie with fillings made from fruit that is in season or locally famous. Large pies are great for cutting and plating, but also consider individual fried pies for a southern twist and an individual serving. We love Flippens fried pies, straight from the south. Of course Dean & Deluca make a pretty mean pie too!

Image courtesy of Brides

Don't forget the donuts! Sugary, fried goodness makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside and we just love the idea of offering your guests a wide array of donuts. With so many options for types of donuts, it is such a treat to end the night with. Charlottsville, VA residents are lucky to have Carpe Donut, a mobile donut bakery that comes to you and makes all-natural, made-from-scratch donuts all night long for your wedding guests. We suggest those outside of Virginia stick with the all time favorite - Krispy Kreme. Now thats a true southern tradition we can get behind!

Image courtesy of Carpe Donut.

With so many wonderful treats in this world, it would be a shame to stick to just one because of tradition. Try something different and by all means, have fun with it!

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