Sale of All Sales in Charlotte!

We absolutely LOVE Capitol in Charlotte! It is THE go-to boutique for designer labels like Oscar, Balenciaga, Narcico Rodriguez, and Marc Jacobs. Their pieces have been featured in Weddings Unveiled many times. So when we heard about the Carolina Warehouse Sale this weekend, we thought we might have been dreaming!

The Carolina Warehouse Sale is a one-week premier discount sales event offering top designer items for unbeatable prices. This event will offer shoppers access to a huge inventory from top regional boutiques and national designers. The Sale will begin this Saturday, June 27th and will run through July 4th. Capitol, along with over 20 other high-end stores, will be selling their pieces for up to 75% off the original price! Even better, at end of the second week the remaining pieces are further discounted to 85% off. Either way, you can walk away from this sale with some amazing designer clothes for a fraction of the cost! You can't help but check this sale out!

How is this sale possible, you ask? Ruth Caldwell, buyer for the Capitol store in Charlotte, realized that the spring inventory they purchased last year before the economic downturn was doomed to sit on the shelves. Buyers' shopping habits have done a 180 and stores like Capitol can't afford to sit on such an abundance of inventory. The idea? Caldwell decided it was a great opportunity for area stores to come together with their abundance and have a HUGE sale!

“A lot of women here have been conservative,” says Caldwell. “If they go to a cocktail party, they don’t buy a new, amazing showstopper. They wear something they already own. But now, they’re ready to go buy a new dress. I think we’re rounding a bend. This will be a fun, guilt-free experience that will hopefully get people excited about shopping again.”

And boy, are we lucky! Here are the participating stores -

Beaux Belly
Monkees of Lake Norman
Bella Ropa
Our Place
Black and Blue
Paul Simon for Women
Scout & Molly’s
STEP by sloan
Coco Fleur
Cottage Chic
The Pink Hanger
the poole shop

Carolina Warehouse Sale
June 27th - July 4th
4720 Sharon Road (In the old Barnes and Noble store)
Charlotte, NC 28210

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