Statement Necklaces for Brides

Add a little pizzazz to your wedding attire by wearinga statement necklace. Whetherit’s a dramatic twist on classic pearls, fabric, fancy metals, vintage bauble or contemporarygeometric, a statement necklace can take a strapless dress from pretty topretty amazing in one second!
However, here are 4 things to consider when wearing bold necklaces:
1.    If you have long hair, you may want to wear your hair up to properly display your necklace in it’s full potential. Now, if you have short hair a beautiful bold necklace may just be your best friend.

2. Stay away from bulky necklaces if you have a shortneck. Consider wearing a group of long necklaces or a showstopper pair ofearrings to complement your look.

3. Statementnecklaces work best with effortless wedding dresses. If your dress is veryelaborated or has a lot going on the top, go easy on the accessories. A boldnecklace could overwhelm your look. Sometimes less is more! 
4. Maintain a comprehensive look by wearing a necklace that matches your wedding colors. Or consider fulfill the something-blue tradition with a bold blue necklace. 

Image Credits: Photographed by Alicia Swedenborg via Pretty Chic Blog | Photography - Kristin Vining Photography via  SMP | Lauren Gabrielle Photography via SMP | Photography - Ozzy Garcia via SMP | Aruna B. Photography via SMP | Photo - Jose Villa via SMP | Photo - Jessica Claire via SMP | Necklace by Fletcher & Grace via The Bride's Diary | Marianne Wilson Photography via SMP | Photo - Carla Ten Eyck via SMP | Jason & Anna Photography via SMP | Necklace by St. Erasmus via Elite Bridal Concierge | Erich McVey Photography via SMP

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