Dress of the Week

I come across A LOT ofpretty wedding gowns on a daily basis and what I’ve come to realize is the onesthat stick out, that really leave a lasting impression on me are the dressesthat have character…just like this Claire Pettibone. I know this “Dress of the Week”isn’t the typical wedding gown you see on Belle, but I have a feeling that you’regoing to love it as much as I do.
This first image of the dress is part of a photo-shoot for the new identity image for the NewYork Public Library… And you have to see the rest of it. It’s a dream teamcollaboration in the oh-so-wonderful world of weddings. So stay tuned because Iwill bring you more of this beyond-beautiful shoot next! 

Here are the official images from the designer's lookbook. In these images you can appreciate all of the beautiful details on the fabric and design. Isn't gorgeous?
The dress called Flora and it belongs to Claire Pettibone Spring 2011 Collection
Image Source: first, second and third.

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