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Based in Charlotte, NC Serendipity Weddings & Events has been planning events in the area since opening it's doors in 2008. Blending funky design elements with Southern tradition owner Carrie Ann Drinnen loves to think outside the box bringing cutting edge and hip style to her wedding and event clientele. Inspired by the relationships she builds with her clients, each of her wedding designs is as unique as the couple's she meets with every detail being created around their story and style. Read on to learn more about Carrie Ann Drinnen, the owner of Serendipity Weddings & Events, and why she's your perfect wedding day companion.

Serendipity Weddings & Events is based in Charlotte, NC. To contact Serendipity Weddings & Events, visit the company website by clicking here or call 843.287.1102.

Weddings Unveiled: Tell us a little bit about Serendipity Weddings & Events.

Carrie Ann Drinnen: Serendipity Weddings & Events is all about having fun with our clients. Creative design and execution are the end result of a relationship that begins at the very first meeting with my clients - from there the design and fun elements just fall into place. Any kind of event is a celebration so the whole planning experience should be a build of excitement until the final send off.

WU: How did you become a wedding and event designer? When and how did you begin Serendipity Weddings & Events?

CD: I think it began when I was a little girl, my grandparents were always throwing Soiree's at their home. I grew up loving the decor, planning, excitement and finally the end result. For me planning is like playing dress up - it’s just fun! I've always gone overboard for holidays, birthdays and go out of my way to help plan any event - so it was a natural progression to start my own business. In 2008 I just decided to go for it and I haven’t looked back.

WU: Tell us about how you work with engaged couples, whether as a team or individually.

CD: It's important for me to develop a relationship with both my bride and groom. Each contributes to the events outcome and I want the design to reflect who they are separately and together. What works best for my style is to have face time with my clients, we go to dinner or have lunch and in that casual atmosphere the creativity flows! I think it is vital to build a friendship / partnership as the design process develops.

WU: Describe your wedding style.

CD: My style is a combination of sassy, southern sophistication mixed with a little spunk. My ideas are often over the top and come at me when I least expect it, for me it’s what makes this job fun - I can create anything in my mind, then it’s just a matter of executing.

WU: What inspires you?

CD: I get inspiration from my family, friends & my clients - so I guess relationships inspire me the most. Of course design books, paint and fabric swatches all help get me in the mood - once all the pieces are in place I just go for it.

WU: How do you keep your ideas fresh?

CD: I surround myself with other creative people, read blogs, books, and magazines to keep up with the changing trends and styles.

WU: What was your favorite wedding and why?

CD: It would be impossible to claim just one as a favorite, but I can say that Sujit & Suma's wedding last September was very memorable - the colors I was able to use to express this couple where so bold and not something I wouldn't typically get to use. The fabulous thing about a Hindu wedding is that they make it a 72 hour celebration and they really use the event as a time to celebrate not only the joining of a couple but the joining of two families. It was a great experience.

WU: What makes Serendipity Events different from other wedding and event designers?

CD: I think there are two things, the first is the relationships that I build with my clients - even after the wedding is over my clients and I still have dinner or lunch - I really like and care about these people. The second is my sincere desire to create a day that is filled with complete happiness, I want my couples to have the day of their lives and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

WU: What would be your ideal wedding assignment or dream wedding to design?

CD: Hmmm, my ideal wedding design would be having the use of a private estate using tenting to create and build the drama from the ceremony to the cocktail hour through the reception and the after party. Being able to completely customize a design from the ground up with no rules is the ideal situation to expand my craft.

WU: Tell us three things you can't live without.

CD: Excluding my family and friends it would be my IPod, pizza, and my poodles, I'm crazy about those furry critters!

WU: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

CD: That advice came from my grandmother, she said always be yourself, do what you love and do it with all you have. I try to live my life that way and so far it’s worked pretty well.

WU: What is the best advice you can give to an engaged couple?

CD: Have fun, don't stress, and know when to get the help of a professional.

Image Credits: (1-6) Rachel Fesko Photography. (7-14) Anna Naphtali Photography. (15-26) Kristin Vining Photography.


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