Charity Charms

Looking for a creative gift idea for your bridesmaids? We'd like to suggest Charity Charms, a company that creates sterling silver jewelry to benefit a variety of charities. Founded by Kay McDonald in 2004, Charity Charms is the combined result her experience in the jewelry business and her desire to give back. Charity Charms creates charms to represent a specific charity and then donates 25% of the purchase price of the charm to its corresponding charity. Since its beginning, Charity Charms has grown into a company that has raised awareness and funding for more than 40 charities, including the American Heart Association, Goodwill and Special Olympics.

In addition to charms that directly benefit more than 40 non-profit organizations and charities, Charity Charms also creates themed charms that include fashion, sports and gourmet, giving the buyer the opportunity to select the organization to receive the 25% of their purchase price. Charity Charms also offers a selection of necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. Celebrate your friendships and support causes close to your heart by creating charm bracelets for your bridesmaids with charms that represent common interests or give each of your groomsmen a pair of cufflinks. Visit the Charity Charms website to see their entire collection and to learn more about the company and the charities it supports.


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