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It's hard not to instantly fall in love with the lovely ladies of VUE Photography. We certainly did! We {heart} their sparkling personalities, their passion for photography and the incredible talent they share with the world. Genya and Wesleyann, two self-proclaimed "emotional junkies" describe their work as spunky, enthusiastic and genuine. Their work has appeared on Completely Unveiled a number of times and in the pages of multiple issues of Weddings Unveiled. Read on to learn more about the talented chicks behind the lenses of VUE.

VUE photography is based in Panama City, FL but is available for photography worldwide. To contact VUE Photography, visit their website or call 850.215.1655.

Weddings Unveiled: Tell us a bit about VUE Photography.

Genya and Wesleyann: Genya and Wesleyann are the chicks of VUE photography! Plain and simple, we're emotion junkies...we chase the happy, crave heart-stopping moments and cross our fingers for tears of joy! Fully caffeinated, we approach every wedding with enthusiasm percolating in our's just who we are!

WU: How did you both become wedding photographers?

Genya: My dad built my first darkroom and I knew by high school I wanted to be a photographer, so I went to college and worked my booty off, soaking up as much information as I could! When I first started out I worked for several commercial photographers, then an amazing studio...I really enjoyed all of the work experiences but soon realized that I would adore the flexibility of working for myself. When we moved to Florida- that's exactly what I set out to do! When I was in college I never dreamed that I would shoot weddings- however I have to say that it's the exact corner of the industry that I should have been in all along! I feed off the emotion and girly excitement of the whole event! There is never a dull day!

Wesleyann: I was the girl who had stacks of wedding magazines in her room at the age of 8! Weddings and photography have always been a true passion of mine! I moved to the Florida Panhandle in 2005 and studied Communication and Photography in college. Out of college and being immersed in weddings, the door to become a wedding planner at a local resort opened first which is where I met Genya! With a little one on the way and experience in photography and weddings, it was perfect timing. It was clear that Genya and I were just meant to be and weddings together is what we're meant to do!

G&W: It was friendship at first sight! With encouragement, passion and laughter, we take on each day together, even if the road ahead isn't a straight line! And well, together we're like aged wine...the friendship just gets better with time!

WU: Digital or film or both? Why?

G&W: Digital through and through... WOOT! WOOT! Our education was based on film and darkrooms, however with this industry and medium, it's what we have found works best for us! Not to mention that patience is not our strongest virtue - we love immediate results!

WU: Describe your wedding photography style.

G&W: We're complete emotion junkies! As cliche as it may sound, our "style" is totally personality driven....Spunky, Explosive, Genuine! We search to capture the Bright and Happy!

WU: Show us your favorite wedding image and tell us why it represents who you are as wedding photographers.

G&W: Bright, carefree...utterly ridiculous! and well, cake was involved!! We don't think you can look at this image and not be happy!

WU: What inspires you?

G&W: The hunger for happiness!

WU: What inspires your photography?

G&W: That's a loaded question in and of itself! We honestly take inspiration from the simple everyday happenings of life and love...and find the pretty...sometimes even the humorous!

WU: How do you keep your wedding photography fresh?

G&W: Curiosity! The little (or large gregarious) voice in your head that whispers (or shouts) "Is it possible or how can I create that?" Curiosity might have killed that kitty but it makes photographers grow and learn!!!

WU: Do you do non-wedding photograph work? If so, how does it influence your wedding photography?

G&W: We do shoot a lot of families, newborns, and kiddos! One thing that it does do for our wedding photography is allow us to try different types of shoots in a no-pressure situation. No timelines or reception to race to - just a precious family to chase and follow.

WU: What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

G&W: In an industry full of so many different talents and styles, we think everyone shines in their own way! For us, it's so important to chase the very things our hearts adore...the bright, light heart, and slightly slanted take on the world around us. Thankfully, we tend to be paired with clients who appreciate the same "vue" (haha).

WU: What would be your ideal wedding assignment?

G&W: Living on one of the world's most beautiful beaches, we'd say we're pretty blessed to be shooting in a pretty ideal place for weddings! Having both lived overseas, we would love to have the chance to shoot a wedding abroad!

WU: Tell us three things you can't live without.

G&W: Caffeine, Cake & our Mini Munchkins (aka...the kiddos...not the donut holes, even though they are tasty!)

WU: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

G&W: To always be true to who you are! When you're true to your heart, you can't go wrong, even when things don't end up the way you planned or expected! It's something we remind ourselves of daily! Just a little something we got from our Mommas (as well as 'junk in the trunk'!).

WU: What is the best you can give to an engaged couple?

G&W: pick vendors that you trust! Give them an idea of your vision and personalities and let them run with it! I know that when our clients say, "we love what you do- be creative- we trust you" it makes us ridiculously excited! At that point we want to give them the stars!


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