Vera Wang Home Fragrance Winners!

And the five lucky winners of a Floral Bouquet candle from Vera Wang are Courtney, Laura, Simone Anne, Hannah Clarkson and Coutureplanner! Read what they said was their favorite flower and why:

Courtney said...

"Lilacs are, without a doubt, my favorite! The smell reminds me of Springtime as a child. We had several bushes in our backyard when I was growing up and I always go back home just to bring a giant stash back to my home."

Laura said...

"I adore peonies. They are so lush when they are blown open, and they smell heavenly! I think nothing is more lovely than a vase full of fluffy pink peonies. And because they aren't available all the time, they seem even more indulgent. Thanks for the fun giveaway!"

Simone Anne said...

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunflowers. SO pretty and so sunny. You can't not be happy with sunflowers in the room. :)"

Hannah Clarkson said...

"These are gorgeous..... My favourite flower is orchids.... they are so striking yet so delicate... I also like peonies, chrysanthemums and dahlias as not just a flower they are beautiful firework effects!"

Coutureplanner said...

"poppies- beacause they just look like they are smiling up at the sun."

Congratulations ladies and thank you so much for sharing your comments!

Send us an email to and we'll hook you up with your Floral Bouquet candle from the Vera Wang Home Fragrance line.


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