E Session ~ Makenzie and Philip

It's no secret that we love, love, love Bald Head Island. It's our Creative Director's fave vacation getaway! Needless to say, when photographer Meredith Perdue of & Unlimited sent us her sister's engagement session photographed on our favorite NC barrier island, we couldn't wait to share! Bald Head is accessible by ferry only, so there are no cars on the island. With that, Makenzie and Philip chose to use bicycles, one of the only means of BHI transportation, for leisurely photo shoot. As they biked along the byways of the scenic island, Meredith created fantastic images, including the gorgeous photograph of Makenzie's engagement ring that was custom designed by Philip. To see more of Makenzie and Philip's engagement session and a few more photoshoots of the happy couple visit the & Unlimited blog!


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