And The Winner Is...

Hello to all our lovely Completely Unveiled blog followers! Did you think we forgot about announcing the winner of our Vera Wang Maids dress giveaway? It may be a little late in the day, but we would never forget about you! We've been busy today working on the Summer 2009 issue of Weddings Unveiled, but with the help of our editor's husband, we have drawn a winner. He kindly printed out each and every one of your wonderful comments, carefully folded them into little squares, mixed them into a big bowl, closed his eyes, took a deep breath and reached into the bowl...

Whose comment did he draw, you ask? Which girl will win the fabulous frock?

Say hello to Angelica! Angelica is the winner of her choice of dress from the Vera Wang Maids collection!

Angelica's comment was posted on May 11th at 1:36AM and it's last sentence read:
"Of course I have to thank you for this giveaway because this will make one of your readers extremely happy :)"

We hope this makes you extremely happy Angelica!! Please email us at for all the details.

Thank you all for your comments and for following our blog! Look for more exciting contests (more dresses, jewels, beauty products!!) in the coming weeks! Have a happy, safe Memorial Day weekend!

Warmest wishes to all,
Weddings Unveiled

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