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The amazing thing about Visio Photography is not just the images they capture, although their images can take your breath away... We find the more amazing thing about Visio is their ability to make each moment of each wedding they shoot completely personal. A husband and wife team that has brought their life and love into their everyday work, Jenny and James of Visio become passionate about every couple they encounter. We have loved every minute of our friendship with Visio and it's their passion that get us excited about their work. Their work has been featured in Weddings Unveiled several times and we hope this interview gives you a glimpse into the wonderful personalities of James and Jenny.

Visio Photography is based in Marion, NC. They accept commissions all over the world. To contact Visio Photography, visit the website by clicking here or call 828.659.7861.

Visio Photography

Weddings Unveiled: Tell us a little about VISIO photography.
Visio: Some folks see wedding photography simply as a business. For us, it’s our passion! We love being around each other and helping people through their wedding experience. Of course, getting some rockin’ shots in the process is the "icing on the cake" (bad wedding pun...). Having been married for close to 12 years, we understand the importance of having great photographers capture the day. Because our wedding was a while back, some of the details of the day are a bit fuzzy. Seeing the images from our day causes those memories and feelings to flood back in. We want each and every couple to experience this as well, days or even years from their big day. I guess to describe VISIO in one word it would be “personal”. We have a home studio, which is a renovated 1920’s bungalow. We’ve designed the space to be very comfortable and inviting. There is a level of trust that comes when coming into someone’s home. We aren’t looking for just “another client”, we’re looking to capture a beautiful experience between friends. This takes the pressure off of both of us. We frequently have dinner with friends that initially were “wedding clients” months or years ago.

WU: Tell us how you became photographers
V: We have always had a love for everything fine art. We were both art majors in college... James studied art history and composition and traveled abroad to get a first hand look at the “greats.” In college, Jenny studied photography, pottery and painting. Loving them all, Jen decided to teach art for several years before pursuing photography full time. We have always loved seeing the light and composition of the "painters of old". Photography was somewhat a natural extension of that. “Growing up, I always had a camera attached to my hand and realized the importance of capturing moments to hold onto,” say Jen. After casually shooting for family and friends for several years, we decided to pursue our passion and go into photography full time. 

WU: How did you become wedding photographers? 
V: There are only a few days in our lives that are vividly ingrained in our memories. Our wedding is one of those days. Such a special time…unforgettable! Looking through the images from our wedding day, we were struck by two things. First, the very traditional images had very little emotional impact. Secondly, a few of the captures from the day truly caught the moment and even today, can bring us to tears (well, Jen to tears--James never cries ;) ) We decided that we want to capture moments that will move people when they experience them. We love people & photography and the mix for us was something we knew we had to jump in feet first if we wanted to do it right. It’s been a while ride and we couldn’t imagine doing anything else! 

WU: Tell us what it's like to work as a husband and wife team photographing weddings. 
V: We wouldn’t have it any other way! We both have a passion for photography, printing, people & our family…what better way to have your cake and eat it too :) People ask us “REALLY, how is it working together all the time?” and our true response is that it is awesome! Who wouldn’t want to work with their best friend doing something they love. As a husband and wife team, we are able to approach weddings with a male and female perspective which really helps us gain a level of trust from our brides and grooms. There are advantages to knowing what the other is thinking when shooting as well. Being married for almost 12 years (yes, we were married when we were 14) you get to know someone pretty well. It’s like we know what the other's next move is…pretty scary, huh? Shooting weddings so many times doesn’t feel like work. Photography is both our hobby and our career... It’s a lifestyle. 

WU: Digital or film or both? Why? 
V: We love digital! We started out in film and were late adopters to fully switch to digital, but love the medium. We can have the crisp detail with digital and we can still produce a similar feeling of film. While we are primarily digital, we still love film and use it for personal projects or upon special request. 

WU: Describe your wedding photography style. 
V: Our shooting “style” is similar to our design style… eclectic. We love to shoot the WOW dramatic shots while capturing the moments as they occur in a beautiful way. Those tears and laughs really tug at our heart (or Jen's because remember, James never cries...) Seriously though, I'd categorize our style as "fashionatorial"--a good balance of directed, fashion-forward images with editorial-style coverage of the day.

WU: Show us your favorite wedding image and tell us why it represents who you are as wedding photographers. 
V: For Jenny: The image "under the kissing tree" captures both the dramatic feel of the day as well as the sweet moment that the couple is sharing. Zach and Vanessa had just been married and the emotions were overwhelming them. We simply asked them to go stand near the tree and “snuggle" :) That’s all it took for them to have a moment to themselves on such a crazy day. We ended up having to tell them it was time to go because they were just caught up in each other…that is what it’s all about! 

For James: Kristen and Pete had a true party! And, as the sun set, the flower girls ran to join in. I love how children running always bring a smile. In a fraction of a second, innocence and joy are epitomized. Thinking about it.... It’s fun to see our perspectives on this question, as James’ favorite shot is one that Jenny took and vice versa. 

WU: What inspires you? What inspires your photography? 
V: Much of our inspiration comes from spending time with our family. Our daughter has such an impact on our lives... Her fresh, sweet outlook is contagious. The way she sees the world in such a positive light makes it hard not to view our life through similar eyes. We love to shoot, not just for others, but for ourselves as well. We are constantly on the lookout for our next “fine art print”. We love to travel. Whether for “work” or personal, we find inspiration in what God has created. We plan time each year to draw inspiration from nature as we travel to different parts of the country. Montana is a favorite spot of ours to just get away and recharge. 

WU: How do you keep your wedding photography fresh? 
V: Every wedding brings new moments and personalities. Looking at each wedding as an opportunity to see day through the bride and grooms eyes… capturing those closest to them and the memories they are making, keeps things fresh (and keeps us on their toes) :) We also love to play! Playing with new lighting techniques and different cameras or lenses keeps things fresh. 

WU: Do you do non-wedding photography work? If so, how does it influence your wedding photography? 
V: Our fine art work as well as our portraits helps to keep our work innovative. Sometimes composing a shot of a fox in the meadow will inspire us to a shot of a bride in a field or a certain lighting scenario. Our portrait shoots are a great opportunity as well to work through some concepts for our weddings. Variety is always a good thing! Here are a few of our non-wedding images... 

WU: What makes you different from other wedding photographers? 
V: James puts his pants on both legs at a time :) Seriously, the thing that our clients say so many times is that it is personal with us. They don’t feel like they are just clients, they are friends. Many have said that they’d want us at their wedding, even if we weren’t shooting it. That is such an honor. We love the personal connection. We see each wedding not only as an opportunity to capture amazing images for the couple, but also to help make their day go as smoothly as possible. 

WU: What would be your ideal wedding assignment? 
V: Jen says a wedding in Europe (I grew up there and love it, the history is amazing), but really wherever James is shooting. :) James says shooting a supermodel wedding in the Galapagos Islands (ok, so the supermodel is optional, I just really want to go to the Galapagos with Jen...). 

WU: Tell us three things you can't live without. 
V: God, family, and my Granny’s banana pudding 

WU: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? 
V: “Keep the main thing, the main thing.” In other words, integrity is worth more than money; family is worth more than public success; and relationship with God is worth more than everything previously mentioned. 

WU: What is the best advice you can give to an engaged couple? 
V: Choose VISIO as your wedding photographer, of course! :) Seriously though, just relax and enjoy the planning and especially the day. Those who stress the least typically enjoy their wedding day the most. Just remember, when all is said and done, no matter what, at the end of your wedding day, you’ll be married!


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