What’s a girl to do when her BFF turns into a BFH (Bride from Hell) and is determined to take everyone down with her? Liz Razin is here to help, guiding bridesmaids through the nine stages of life with the bride to be…

According to the Bridal Association of America, 2.3 million brides plan the perfect wedding every year, while an average of 194 million bridesmaids deal with the demands they make. Now, one woman has stepped from the crowd to put these Bridezillas in their place. Her name is Liz Razin, author of SHE’S GONE BRIDAL! A 9-Step Program for Dealing with Your Bride from Hell, just published by Citadel Press.

“Dealing with today’s brides can be truly traumatic!” says Razin, who knows all too well the plight of the modern bridal attendant, having been a bridesmaid eight times and a maid of honor four. Like Razin, almost every bridesmaid called to duty has encountered a Bridezilla. GONE BRIDAL! helps women everywhere finally manage these demanding brides, while managing to keep their own sanity.

In SHE’S GONE BRIDAL!, Razin has designed a one-of-a-kind “Bridal Therapy Program” for anyone and everyone dealing with a bride-to-be. The nine stages she tackles include:
· Denial: Is she really marrying him?
· Diagnosis: Early detection of “bridezilla” behavior.
· Masquerading: Playing the part of “good” friend.
· Anger: Managing meltdowns without having to say you’re sorry.
· Transference: Reap the benefits of the bride without all the fuss!
· Fixation: Stop obsessing over her wedding!
· Family Therapy: There really is someone worse than your relatives.
· Catharsis: How to create wedding well-being on the big day.
· Withdrawal: What to do when the invitations stop coming.

Whether she’s the sister, cousin, co-worker or best friend of a bride, SHE’S GONE BRIDAL! is guaranteed to help anyone survive that long walk down the aisle. Filled with tips, tactics and tools, it's a great book that's also packed with lots of laughter for anyone pulled into marital madness!

Born in New York City to a talkative teacher and an iquisitive psychiatrist, Liz Razin inherited her mother's love of writing and her father's love of psychology. She honed her psychology skills at Tufts University and is currently a partner at a New York advertising agency. Her work has appeared in The Boston Phoenix, StuffNight magazine, and the Associated Press and she resides in New York City, dangerously close to Bloomingdale’s…where she gets many of her lovely bridesmaid dresses.

SHE’S GONE BRIDAL! $12.95. Click here for a list of retailers.


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