Alot of head chic. I'm incorporating more creative touches via hats and headpieces. Yes, I still do veils--all kinds from long cathedral styles to little net poufs and birdcages. The hat pictured above swathed in tulle is modeled after a combo of 20s Gatsby and 50s Paris Vogue (a la Irving Penn).

This headband/tie with a rose accent is perfect for vintage frocks reflective of 1920s-50s.

Above is a silk dupion hand-rolled floral headpiece with net pouf, custom matched to the gown and fabric. With made to order gowns you can get an entire head to toe look on your wedding.
If you want to talk about a hat, veil or headpiece, try calling me 415.258.8204 (I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area) or email me amyjotatum@gmail.com. More hats and veils can be seen on my website http://www.amyjotatum.com/
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