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We just love finding things that inspire us. Which explains why we just adore these cameras. Throwback charm with modern flair, a combination that makes us all warm and toasty inside. Great as gifts, favors or even details that make your day memorable - these cameras pack a stylish punch and fall into the category of Stuff We Love!

Fully loaded with 24 exposures of black and white film, the Rollei single use camera is a stylish version of the disposable cameras used for guest photography. The high quality lens and built-in flash provide quality black and white pictures. They also make great inclusions in gift bags for out-of-town guests. $8.99. Freestyle Photo.

So small it fits in the palm of your hand, the vintage Rolleiflex twin lens camera has gone digital. That's right, the classic camera popular with serious photographers now offers the same amazing photos, but now with instant gratification! An excellent gift for camera enthusiasts or anyone with a heart for nostalgia. $290.95. BH Photo & Video.

The pop-up display of the Rolleiflex Twin Lens allows you to take shots of subjects naturally, for waist level shooting.

Check out Urban Outfitters for more vintage inspired cameras that we can't get enough of!

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