Revisited ~ By Ron B. Wilson Photography

When Ron B. Wilson sent us this lovely, inspired Revisited session, we couldn't wait to share it with you! His Revisited sessions offer couples a chance to recreate, re-imagine and revisit their wedding photography, giving more attention to the styling, details, location and overall artistry of their portraits. Ron recommends that couples wait about a year after their wedding to shoot a Revisited session, but the sessions are wonderful for any couple wanting to create a series of exquisite wedding portraiture, perhaps even to celebrate a ten or twenty year anniversary. Revisited sessions include two hours of shooting, flowers and a make-up artist, but more elements and details can be added as you envision them, including stationery and styling. For more information regarding Ron B. Wilson's Revisited sessions, visit the Ron B. Wilson Photography website.

Photography: Ron B. Wilson. Flowers: Blossoms & Accents. Makeup: Amanda Hopcraft. Stationery: Heather O'Brien Design. Styling: Renzo Lara.


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