Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Part 1

I always love it when I can show you, my lovely brides, something unique and most of all, pretty, to get the inspiration flowing! Today I have some ahhhmazing lace back dresses to share. With all the spectacular weddings and wedding dresses that I see each and every day, I can tell you one thing for sure. Just like finding ‘the one’ in your fiancĂ©…every girl out there has ‘the dress’ waiting for her. You know… the one that’s been visiting you in your dreams since you were 5. When I was a little girl, I used to dream about a lace back gown. However years ago, when I was hunting for a wedding dress, lace backs were nowhere to be found in bridal stores. So you’re so lucky my friend, because lace backs are having a moment right now and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
These masterpieces are a dream come true for you lace-loving mavens or anyone looking for a gown with a romantic twist on the traditional. They’re graceful. They’re show-stopping AND they’re bursting at the seams with elegance and charm.

 Ahhh.... and by the way, this is the post I was talking about on my Fabulous Friday clue.
Here is Part 2

You love lace? You may be interested on this:

Image credits from top to bottom, left to right: #1, second row left, second row right, third row left, third row right, 4th row left, 4th row right dress by Monique LhuillierDress #8 by Allure Bridals, No. 9 by Watters, Dress No.10 by Allure Bridals, Image 11, Photo 12, 13 by Allure Bridals, Dress #14, 15 Gown by Mercedes Canovas, Image No.16 and Photo #17.

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