How Do We Thank Thee....

Here at Weddings Unveiled, Thursdays have become known as "Thankful Thursdays". On Thursdays, we look back over the past week at all the great things we are thankful for. We often like to celebrate by showing a little blog love to people who have posted about us.

The new Fall 2009 issue of Weddings Unveiled hit newsstands last week and we have lots and lots of people to thank. Many many thanks to all of you who blogged, Twittered and Facebooked (yes, we did just make Facebook a verb!) about our new issue and about Completely Unveiled this past week. We appreciate you all so much and are grateful for your support and kind words. Be sure to visit the selection of amazing blogs below for wedding inspiration and to see what they had to say about Weddings Unveiled. Thank you again and have a wonderful, thankful Thursday!


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